How do I tap a keg?

  1. First and foremost, allow the keg to settle. Chances are that somewhere after picking it up from our warehouse, getting it onto our trucks, and delivering to your location, rolling of the keg was involved.
  2. Remove the plastic or cardboard cap from the fixture on top of the keg.
  3. Get your tap, making sure it is not “engaged”(this will give you a “beer shampoo”). Line the notches up with the hole at the top of the keg. You’ll notice a few open slits at the top of the keg and a ball bearing in the middle. The slits guide the tap’s notches and hold the tap in place. The ball bearing serves as a stopper, forced up from the pressure inside the keg. You’re about to “screw” the tap into place.
  4. Push down. You need to push the ball bearing down to allow beer flow. You don’t need to he-man this, but a little pressure is needed.
  5. Slide the tap into place in a clockwise motion, while maintaining the downward pressure. Don’t let up, you need to keep pushing down as you spin the tap into place. Once it’s turned into place, it should lock there from the pressure in the keg.

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