What are some season beer trends you see?

We asked leaders on our sales team to identify the top trends in the beer industry. Here’s what to expect this season:

1. Craft beer is growing at a rapid rate.
Pro Sales Tip: If your establishment hasn’t invested in ordering a suite of craft beers, consider holding a tasting event or weekly special to gauge the interest from your customers.

2. Speaking of craft beer, IPAs are the number one requested item in the craft beer category.

3. Restaurants/Bars: Draft trumps bottles.
Pro Sales Tip: Bottles and cans are less desirable. From a consumer perspective, we’re seeing them more drawn to what’s on draft. That is how they like to discover new beers.

4. Ingredients are top of mind for consumers.

5. It’s all about the story.
Pro Sales Tip: It’s not just about the name anymore, customers want to know the “story” behind the brand. As a retailer it’s crucial you know the brands you carry inside and out.

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