American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA

Available NOW!!

An all-new collaboration with the Grateful Dead, this year’s version of American Beauty is a hazy IPA bursting with juicy citrus notes.

This unfiltered IPA is brewed with an ancient heirloom grain called Spelt to build haze & dosed with a special yeast designed to liberate the hop aromatics.

Jerry Garcia once said about the American Beauty album, “Yep—every song on that one is a winner.” Hazy Ripple IPA is a loving reference to the track “Ripple,” which has a place near the top in just about every Deadhead’s favorite songs list.

Hazy IPAs continue to be on fire--up 136% YTD!*


7% ABV

35 IBU

Also available in 5.17g and 15.5g kegs

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