Truly - Getaway Pack

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With the Truly Getaway Pack, you can take your palate to places it’s never dreamed of. Featuring four globally-inspired flavors, it’s a vacation in a can!

The Truly Getaway Pack flavors include Tropic Like It's Hot, Arctic Berry, Mountain Pear-Adise, and Desert Orange.

Tropic Like It's Hot is a taste of the tropics featuring a little pineapple, some guava, and a dash of papaya that make for one beach-worthy beverage.

Arctic Berry is all about the brrrr, featuring blue-brrr-ies, rasp-brrr-ies, and pretty much any other brrr-ies you can think of. Best served ice cold.

Mountain Pear-Adise features the local peak’s finest pears and a few crisp apples for mountain pear-adise in a can.

Desert Orange features pops of prickly pear and dragon fruit that makes this a mouthwatering drink like no other.

ABV: 5.0%

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